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Re: [Scheme-reports] Draft 3 Comments: Chapter 5

"Arthur A. Gleckler" <scheme@x> writes:

> Is Chez widely used? I've never had a good feel for how many people
> use it.

I don't know for sure -- my impression is that a number of schools still
use it for programming languages classes due to the TSPL connection, but
I could be wrong...

Certainly, new versions are still released quite regularly, and Chez
still seems to have implementation papers come out with each major
release (and TSPL is updated in sync with it's standards support, too).

> MIT Scheme is not widely used, but it is still being updated. Joe
> Marshall, Matt Birkholz, and Taylor Campbell, in particular, have
> made a lot of recent contributions.

I'd *love* to see it come back -- it's the first scheme I ever used,
though that may be showing my youth compared to some on the list.  :-)

But a scheme which is still finishing adding R5RS support in 2011 is
probably not a great measure of how widely adopted any standard after
R5RS is...

				Jim Wise

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