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Re: [Scheme-reports] Draft 3 Comments: Chapter 5

Or, put differently, as polite as it is to list them all, there are
major implementations and minor ones.   Of the major players, I see:

     Racket -- R6RS optional

     Gambit -- R5RS standard

     Chicken -- "Most of R5RS"

     Chez -- R6RS standard

     Guile -- "mostly implements R6RS"

as driving a lot of Scheme's usage and, probably, development today.
I'd *guess* that these five, in roughly that order, comprise a largish
majority of scheme users today -- even if most of us here cut our teeth
on implementations like MIT Scheme, SCM, and Scheme48 which are no
longer being updated or -- mostly -- used.

Is Chez widely used?  I've never had a good feel for how many people use it.

MIT Scheme is not widely used, but it is still being updated.  Joe Marshall, Matt Birkholz, and Taylor Campbell, in particular, have made a lot of recent contributions.
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