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Re: [Scheme-reports] Draft 3 Comments: Chapter 5

On Wed, 3 Aug 2011, Jim Wise wrote:

> "Arthur A. Gleckler" <scheme@x> writes:
>> Is Chez widely used? I've never had a good feel for how many people
>> use it.
> I don't know for sure -- my impression is that a number of schools still
> use it for programming languages classes due to the TSPL connection, but
> I could be wrong...

Indiana University certainly uses it for many of its classes. There are
also commercial users of Chez who do not make a lot of noise in the
public circles, and their uses are mostly covered under NDAs, IIUC.
So, it is certainly in active use and development, though this all tends
to be quieter than implementations like Racket.

 	Aaron W. Hsu

Programming is just another word for the lost art of thinking.

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