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Re: [Scheme-reports] Feedback from implementors?

Am 16.08.2011 11:56, schrieb Alex Queiroz:
> Hallo,
> On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 11:47 AM, Denis Washington<denisw@x>  wrote:
>> Has anyone contacted any of these implementors for feedback yet?
> Aren't most of them already reading this mailing list? I have seen
> comments from SCM, Guile, Kawa, Racket, Gambit (Feeley is in the
> Steering Committee), Gauche, IronScheme, MIT Scheme. I don't know if
> Felix reads this list but there are a lot of people from
> chicken-hackers. Maybe Dybvig is the biggest absence?

I am aware that there are (non-working-group) people from several Scheme 
implementations on this list, but what I wonder about is: given the 
relatively low level of criticism with regards to the drafts (especially 
the non-editorial aspects), is that because they (or you, if an 
implementor is reading this) like the report and are in support of 
backing it and implementing it in your Schemes, or are they/you just 
watching and actually don't care that much? This is not clear to me, and 
others might feel the same.

I am especially wondering how the module system is received, as this 
part of the report is perhaps the most crucial (portability-wise) and 
invasive change, yet not commented on a lot (at least recently).

So, if you are a (core) developer of a Scheme system reading this, this 
might be a good opportunity for revealing us your thoughts about this 


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