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Re: [Scheme-reports] Feedback from implementors?

Alex Queiroz scripsit:

> Aren't most of them already reading this mailing list? I have
> seen comments from SCM, Guile, Kawa, Racket, Gambit (Feeley is in
> the Steering Committee), Gauche, IronScheme, MIT Scheme. I don't
> know if Felix reads this list but there are a lot of people from
> chicken-hackers. Maybe Dybvig is the biggest absence?

Between this list, scheme-implementors, and private remarks, no
implementer has said anything strongly negative about the draft that
I have seen; indeed, everyone who has spoken at all has said they
will implement R7RS-small eventually.  Objections have been made to
particular points, notably the incompatibility between R5RS and R6RS
around returning zero values rather than an undefined value from
standard procedures.  I am attempting to craft a proposal to smooth over
this discrepancy.

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