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[Scheme-reports] Feedback from implementors?


While reviewing the current draft, I started to wonder: now that many 
things have been already voted on and the changes introduced in the 
coming draft(s) won't be that big anymore (I guess?), it would be time 
to slowly find out how the resonance of the implementations' authors is 
with regard to supporting the standard, especially the module/library 
system. However, it doesn't seem as if there were any feedback from 
implementors yet.

How about approaching the implementors directly and ask them if they 
would implement the standard in its current state, or what they think 
would have to change for them to add support for it? It would be sad if 
we had R6RS all over again. (For instance, in my journey to write a 
portable C FFI layer, I am right now really suffering from the Scheme 
community not having a portable module mechanism that works across the 
major Scheme systems...)


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