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Re: [Scheme-reports] Questions about cond-expand

Christian Stigen Larsen scripsit:

> reading about cond-expand in draft 6 has left me with questions:
> * If it's allowed at _program_ top-level as well, shouldn't that be
>   reflected in the BNF?

The meaning of cond-expand at top level is not defined by R7RS.  It might
mean the same thing as it does in libraries, or it might signal an error,
or it might do something subtly different.  In Chibi it happens to mean
the same thing at the REPL as in a library.

>   The BNF in draft 6 (IIRC) seems to explicitly allow it only in library
>   declarations.


> * Is cond-expand expanded at compile-time only?  I guess this boils down to
>   how the feature set behaves.

Yes, modulo what "compile-time" means in different implementations.

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