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[Scheme-reports] Questions about cond-expand


reading about cond-expand in draft 6 has left me with questions:

* If it's allowed at _program_ top-level as well, shouldn't that be
  reflected in the BNF?
  The BNF in draft 6 (IIRC) seems to explicitly allow it only in library

* If the above is true and cond-expand belongs to (scheme base), shouldn't
  it get a separate treatment in the report --- instead of being mentioned
  in the same passage as define-library?

* Is cond-expand expanded at compile-time only?  I guess this boils down to
  how the feature set behaves.

I have been emailing with Alex Shinn and asked for a clarification in the
report, but thought I'd share with this list as well.


Christian Stigen Larsen

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