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[Scheme-reports] LAMBDA and Unicode (Was: [r6rs-discuss] Scheme pattern matching & R*RS)

Two points regarding using lambda and characters beyond unicode.

I don't object using extended character sets within the source
code, but is it completely safe to move on to Unicode-topia?
I mean, don't you still have text files in Latin-1?  I do have
plenty of legacy EUC-JP text files around.

The issue is that plain text files doesn't have metadata to
indicate which encodings it is in.  Is it on the table of WGs
to specify the source-code encoding in some way?
For example, there are some languages (e.g. Python),
Scheme implementations (e.g. Gauche) and editors (e.g. Emacs)
that recognizes a line like "-*-coding: utf-8-*-" near the
beginning of the plain text file.

Secondly, for those who like shorter than 'lambda': I'm using '^'
in place of lambda for a while and it works fine.  It is also
close to the origin of lambda.   Well it's a matter of taste,
but you don't really need to jump to greek lambda to make 'lambda'


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