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[Scheme-reports] [ANN] Scheme Language Working Groups 1 and 2 draft charters

[Apologies if you get duplicates of this message.]

The Scheme Language Steering Committee is pleased to announce that  
Arthur Gleckler and John Cowan have agreed to chair working groups 1  
and 2, respectively, pending acceptance of the charters for those  
working groups.

The Steering Committee will select the members of those working groups  
following a call for volunteers.  Those who volunteer to serve on a  
working group should:

  * be prepared to serve for the duration named in the group's charter
  * believe in the value of standardization
  * accept the goals and limitations of the working group's charter
  * support the goal of sharing Scheme code effectively
  * be able to work constructively toward compromise

Details of the volunteering process will be provided later.

New drafts of the charters proposed for working groups 1 and 2 are now  
online at http://www.scheme-reports.org/ .

Comments on these two draft charters are solicited.  If you want your  
comments to be seen only by the Scheme Language Steering Committee,  
send them to


If you want your comments to be viewable by everyone, send them to


after signing up for that mailing list at


Will Clinger
Marc Feeley
Chris Hanson
Jonathan Rees
Olin Shivers

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