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Re: [Scheme-reports] "include" filename resolution

Denis Washington scripsit:

> If a few implementations decide to use the working directory as base for  
> "include" file names - which wouldn't be such far-fetched decision,  
> given that "load" works the that way on most systems - one couldn't rely  
> on, e.g., the including file's directory to be searched. Which would be  
> bad. (However, I might overestimate the likeliness of this happening.)

That would indeed be bad.  I've added this note to trunk:

# Implementations are encouraged to search for files in the directory
# which contains the including file, and to provide a way for users to
# specify other directories to search.

LOAD pretty much has to use the working directory, given that it is
performed at run time, when the identity of the file doing the loading has
(typically) been forgotten.

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