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Re: [Scheme-reports] "include" filename resolution

On 08/08/2011 05:06 AM, John Cowan wrote:
> LOAD pretty much has to use the working directory, given that it is
> performed at run time, when the identity of the file doing the loading has
> (typically) been forgotten.

In the Java world (and possibly other contexts) a "resource"
is some file or other data that an application may access that
is considered part of the application and shipped with it.
Examples are images, sounds, translations, and default properties.

So the resource file is loaded at run-time, but it should be
loaded relative to an "application directory" rather than the
working directory.

"load" should probably relative to the working directory (for
compatibility with historical practice if nothing else), but
loading files relative to the "application" is probably more useful.

	--Per Bothner
per@x   http://per.bothner.com/

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