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Re: [Scheme-reports] multiple values module

Eli Barzilay scripsit:

> > Examine HTML5 and ECMAScript 5 for yourself; the above description
> > is trivially false about them.
> You mean that these standards don't leave >>anything<< up to
> implementations?

That is, at least, the goal of the standards and the intention of the
people who write them.  Ambiguity may of course be lurking somewhere in
the text, but when found it is removed by corrigendum.

ECMAScript does allow global variables (that is, members of the global
object) to exist that are not prescribed by the standard, so it is
possible to write unportable code.  I withdraw my claim to that limited
extent, therefore.  It is not, however, possible to determine what
members the global object has.

Of course there are matters outside the scope of the standards, such
as how fast an implementation executes a given piece of code, or what
computers if any it executes on, or what default font is used to display
HTML text in the absence of other indications.

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