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Re: [Scheme-reports] Module-level BEGIN is not a BEGIN - please call it something else

Jussi Piitulainen scripsit:

> Is there anything in the report about how imported modules are found?
> Obviously (import (scheme io)) refers to a known module, but suppose I
> had a module of my own. My present understanding is that this is left
> intentionally unspecified in the small language.

There is nothing in the report about it, and I would oppose measures to
add it.

> It would not be the right balance to specify top-level module
> definitions in this report but leave the more important library system
> out. Larger systems can provide both.

I don't know what you mean here.  R7RS modules are essentially R6RS
libraries with a few less, and a few extra, bells and whistles.  They
have different names because they are technically incompatible, but
there is a compatibility core: imports with optional inclusion,
exclusion, renaming, and prefixing; exports with optional renaming;
embedded code wrapped in BEGIN.

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