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Re: [Scheme-reports] Module-level BEGIN is not a BEGIN - please call it something else

Andre van Tonder scripsit:

> It cannot be replaced by the sequence it encloses as in all other
> instances of BEGIN.

Not all BEGINs can be removed in this way: (if (p) (begin (a) (b)) (c))
cannot be rewritten as (if (p) (a) (b) (c)), for example.  BEGIN is
already very overloaded, but the concept is the same.

> In fact, the outer BEGIN is bound (part of the module language) while
> the inner BEGIN is unbound (since the base library is not imported).

In fact, there is no concept of binding in the module language, which is
not Scheme.

> So module-level BEGIN is not a BEGIN.  I think it should be called
> somethig else, e.g. BODY

The WG considered that and rejected it.

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