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Re: [Scheme-reports] R7RS 7th draft available

Alan Watson scripsit:

> >> OK, but if I understand you correctly, this changes the behavior. [...]
> > 
> > Quite so.
> F/X: Sharp intake of breath.

On reflection, this is too big a change to be editorial: I have added
back the requirement that included content be wrapped in `begin`.

> That leaves us begin (§4.2.3), programs (§5.1), definitions
> (§5.3, §5.4, and §5.5), libraries (§5.6), the REPL (§5.7). In
> all of these cases, the simplest definition of outermost would be that
> syntactic forms are in outermost contexts if they occur in a <command
> or definition> context. This presumes that programs and the language
> accepted by the REPL are suitably defined in terms of <command or
> definition>.

I think you are probably right, but at the moment I am inclined to leave
the term "outermost" to be glorked from context.

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