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Re: [Scheme-reports] R7RS 7th draft available

>> OK, but if I understand you correctly, this changes the behavior. [...]
> Quite so.

F/X: Sharp intake of breath.

>> I think it would be helpful to define "outermost" by reference to the
>> syntax in §7.1.
> Can you suggest something?

We no longer need to worry about "include" and "include-ci". The expression forms are not limited to outermost contexts and are not long wrapped in an "outermost" begin. The library declaration form must appear only in a <library declaration> context, which is not really a "top-level" or "outermost" context.

We need no longer worry about environments. You have now used "global" instead of "top-level" or "outermost".

That leaves us begin (§4.2.3), programs (§5.1), definitions (§5.3, §5.4, and §5.5), libraries (§5.6), the REPL (§5.7). In all of these cases, the simplest definition of outermost would be that syntactic forms are in outermost contexts if they occur in a <command or definition> context. This presumes that programs and the language accepted by the REPL are suitably defined in terms of <command or definition>.



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