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[Scheme-reports] bytevector/string/vector comments

6.7 String

Should perhaps have string-copy!, presumably compatible with SRFI-13.
(At least if bytevector-vector! is provided.)

string-copy should perhaps have 3-operand option,
compatible with SRFI-13 and vector-copy.

6.8 Vectors

Should perhaps have vector-copy!, presumably compatible with SRFI-43.
(At least if bytevector-vector! is provided.)

6.9 Bytevectors
   Should add something like (assuming that is intended):
   It is an error if (< start 0) or (> start end) or
   (> end (bytevector-length bytevector))

Likewise for bytevector-copy-partial!

bytevector-copy-partial should be called bytevector-copy for compatibility
with vector-copy.

The 2-operand bytevector-copy! seems relatively useless.
Note there is no corresponding vector-copy!

Likewise (bytevector-copy-partial! from start end to at) should be
(bytevector-copy! to at from start end) for compatibility with SRFI-43.

Note that the introduction of 6.8 Vectors has 2 paragraphs
starting "Vectors are written using the notation ...".
There are no corresponding paragraphs in 6.9 bytevectors,
but I think there should be.
	--Per Bothner
per@x   http://per.bothner.com/

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