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[Scheme-reports] Checking implementation features and Scheme name?

Hello and Happy New Year!

These comments are not too important, but I thought
I'd share anyway.

Reading the latest draft I realized that there is no 
standard way to obtain a list of all features (those
used by cond-expand) declared/supported by an 
implementation. Chibi, Guile and Tinyscheme do keep
a list in the *features* variable, but it doesn't seem
to be standard. It would make sense in some situations
to check/log/report features, maybe not knowing a
complete list of possible features beforehand.

Also, I think that there is no R7RS-standard way to 
obtain the name of the Scheme implementation if
I don't already know a list of all implementations
(suppose I have written  benchmark or test of some 
kind; it wouldn't be able to write a log with the 
implementation's name). 

I suppose these issues do not bother most people --
am I wrong?


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