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[Scheme-reports] minor editorial changes

Here are some minor issues that I ran across.

                                 -Richard Kelsey

Page 4, Acknowledgements
Along with the manuals listed, you might want to add any additional
implementation manuals, SRFIs, etc. that contributed to R5RRS->R7RRS

Page 8, Whitespace and comments
In the paragraph on semicolon comments, the last two sentences

  "Comments are invisible to Scheme, but the end of the line
   is visible as whitespace.  This prevents a comment from
   appearing in the middle of an identifier or number."

should be removed.  They are redundant with (and contradict)
the general statement on comments in the first paragraph of the

Page 9, Disjointness of types
Add "and all predicates created by define-record-type" after the
the list of predicates that define disjoint types.

Page 72, changes since R5RS
  "Case insensitivity is now the default."
Should be
  "Case sensitivity is now the default."

The index is a little off.  Many functions are listed as appearing one
page before they actually do.  It looks like this starts about page 30
or so.  Define-library and define-record-type do not appear in the
                                      -Richard Kelsey

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