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Re: [Scheme-reports] Formal Comment: continuation used when 'guard' re-raises an exception

Richard Kelsey scripsit:

> Summary: The continuation used when 'guard' re-raises an exception
> isn't specified.

Formal Comment ticket #431 filed.

>   "If every cond's test evaluates to #f and there is no else clause,
>   then raise-continuable is re-invoked on the raised object within the
>   dynamic environment of the original call to raise except that the
>   current exception handler is that of the guard expression."

The reference to `raise-continuable` here appears to be an editorial
error.  On the second ballot, the WG adopted the R6RS version of `guard`,
which specifies `raise` rather than `raise-continuable`.  I have fixed
this on trunk.

> Also, the original call might have been raise or raise-continuable.

Also changed on trunk.

I am therefore closing this ticket.  If you think there is more to do
here, let me know.

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