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Re: [Scheme-reports] [r6rs-discuss] Date and time arithmetic library proposal for R7RS large Scheme

Marc Feeley scripsit:

> The problem with an integer representation of time is that a scaling
> factor has to be chosen by the *writer of the spec*.  This is a much
> too early binding time.  Different applications will have different
> resolution needs.  You propose milliseconds, but my application needs
> microseconds and the next guy needs nanoseconds.  Even if you decide to
> chose nanoseconds for the spec to cover all possible needs, somewhere
> someday an application will need picoseconds, so they won't be able
> to use your time API.

Concedo.  I have switched to having current-posix-second return an
inexact rational number representing seconds since the epoch, but
disregarding leap seconds.  This entailed renaming the ms-of-day field
to second-of-day, and removing the ms-of-second field altogether.

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