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Re: [Scheme-reports] [r6rs-discuss] redefining eqv?

Peter Kourzanov scripsit:

> So, RRS's (fluid) redux (or shall I say Rabbit redux). Its so 
> well-hidden I didn't know it existed. Any plans on going back
> that for R7RS?

It's under WG1 ballot, and I think if it doesn't make WG1, it will
very likely make WG2.  There are several variants available besides the
SRFI itself.

It's easy to implement parameters portably in a non-threaded
system, so the proposals are about how mutation (as
opposed to rebinding, which is per-thread) interacts with
threads.  http://trac.sacrideo.us/wg/wiki/ParametersSnellPym
defines parameters as thread-safe under mutation, whereas
http://trac.sacrideo.us/wg/wiki/ImmutableParametersCowan excludes

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