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[Scheme-reports] New features in WG1 Scheme

Here's a non-authoritative summary of the currently approved new features
in R7RS small Scheme:

        Lexical syntax:

Inexact values +inf.0, -inf.0, and +nan.0.

Escaped symbols with |...|.

Named character escapes (short and long names) in strings.

Numeric character escapes in strings and symbols.

#; S-expression comments and #|...|# block comments.



LETREC* is added, and internal DEFINE is made to use it.

Tail patterns, ellipsis escaping, ellipsis redefinition, and _ as wildcard
in syntax-rules.

        Modified procedures:

MAP and FOR-EACH are allowed to take lists of unequal length, and stop
when the shortest list runs out.

ASSOC and MEMBER take an optional third argument, the predicate to use.

        New procedures:

random-integer, random-real, current-error-port, delete-file,
file-exists?, make-list, copy-list, list-set!, string-map,
string-for-each, string->vector, vector->string, copy-vector,
vector-map, vector-for-each, exact-integer?.  exact-integer-sqrt,
finite?, nan?, error, syntax-error, open-input-string,
open-output-string, get-output-string, read-with-shared-structure,

Values of beeta will give rise to dom!          John Cowan
(5th/6th edition 'mv' said this if you tried    http://www.ccil.org/~cowan
to rename '.' or '..' entries; see              cowan@x

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