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[scheme-reports-wg1] Re: [Scheme-reports] Current tickets for the 5th ballot

Andy Wingo scripsit:

> > #281 Make non-readable objects self-quoting in EVAL
> Unless I misunderstand, this effectively requires that `eval' is an
> interpreter and not a compiler.  Is that your intention?

Not at all.  It simply means that if you pass EVAL a list of the form
(#<procedure +> 1 2), it is treated as if it were of the form
('#<procedure +> 1 2).  Guile currently accepts the latter but not the

You can reproduce this with

(define e (interaction-environment))
(define x (list 'cons 1 2))
(set-car! x cons)
(define y (list (list 'quote 'cons) 1 2))
(set-car! (cdar y) cons)
(eval x e)
(eval y e)

Of the Schemes I was able to test, only Scheme48/scsh had a problem with
(eval y e), complaining that the procedure object was not a valid datum.

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