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Re: [Scheme-reports] Padding/placeholders (hashes) in numerical syntax

Peter Bex scripsit:

> While we're on the topic of numerical stuff in the standard, I'd like
> to ask why the "padding"/placeholder digits for numbers (# characters
> instead of digits inside a number) is kept around.

I agree that it's bogus.  The ballot question asked about the #s from R5RS and
the mantissa-width specifier (|nnn) from R6RS: the first, the second, neither,
or both.  The vote was inconclusive, so the R5RS status quo was kept.

> I think there's also a bug in the R7RS BNF for numbers; it doesn't seem
> to allow for a complex number consisting of a real and imaginary
> component which are infinite.  AFAICT, only an <ureal> can follow the
> sign after the first number in the rectangular format.
> Several Schemes I've tested this with simply allow "+inf.0+inf.0i" for
> this.  The R6RS BNF seems to allow it, though (it's handled specially).

Already fixed on trunk.

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