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[Scheme-reports] r7rs-draft-6: examples for when and unless

The examples of when and unless do not provide the "and prints ..." 
block that normally accompanies examples that invoke write/display.  
Having two expressions in the scope of when/unless and not showing any 
output does not expose the implicit begin that comes with these 
"one-sided if" syntaxes.  Also, there is a missing closing bracket after 
(display "2") in both current examples.

What about a joined example for both when and unless, such as:

   (when (= 1 1.0)
     (display "1 and 1.0 are considered equal")
(unless (= 1 1.0)
     (display "1 and 1.0 are not considered equal")

prints exactly one of
   1 and 1.0 are considered equal \emph{newline}
   1 and 1.0 are not considered equal\emph{newline}
depending on the details of the implementation.

Of course, that's an artificial example, but it confirms the existence 
of the implicit begin to the reader.
Daniel Villeneuve
AD OPT, a Kronos Division

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