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Re: [Scheme-reports] inexact->exact and vice versa

On 2011-05-06, at 14:45, John Cowan wrote:
>> By the way, when the next draft is prepared, would it be possible to
>> add the hyperref package? I do so like hyperlinks.
> Maybe, but someone else will have to do it; I am no TeXpert.

You should get success by adding an invocation of the package immediately at the end of the preamble (hyperref redefines a whole bunch of commands, so the later in the preamble the better); I would suggest  

  \usepackage{hyperref}   % This line is new

Before you run TeX again, delete the output files (especially the .aux file). Then of course you need to run it twice. 

I just tried it with R5RS, and it worked fine. 

If you run into any difficulties, please send me a copy of the TeX source, and I'll send you the needed diffs. 

-- vincent
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