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[Scheme-reports] Numerical example (real? -2.5+0.0i)

An example in July draft 6.2.5 shows (real? -2.5+0.0i) as #t. The text
above the examples says (real? z) if and only if (zero? (imag-part z))
and (exact? (imag-part z)). The imag-part is clearly not exact.

Would (real? -2.5+0i) => #t work, or does the decimal point in the
real-part make the imag-part also inexact? How about -2+0i?

Perhaps it is best to just change the value of the test to #f, or
strike the whole example.

I notice also that one of the z's in that text is in italics and two
are in fixed width.

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