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Re: [Scheme-reports] Immutable environments?

I should read mail before I send it. My point was not that environment 
should create mutable environments, but rather that there appears to be 
no way of creating a mutable environment for load, other than possibly 
interaction-environment (whose mutability isn't defined). Accordingly, 
both load and eval are claimed to be able to mutate a type of 
environment that R7RS doesn't define officially (though 
scheme-report-environment and null-environment only *may* immutable).

If the descriptions of the environment constructors are to stand as is, 
I would like to see a sentence inserted explaining how an environment 
may be created that can be used to load or eval a definition. 
Alternatively, perhaps load and eval should be restricted to make 
unspecified the use of environment specifiers when definitions are to be 

-- vincent

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