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Re: [Scheme-reports] R7RS small in R6RS library

OKUMURA Yuki scripsit:

> I've just started a project that attempt to implement R7RS small
> libraries in R6RS library form.

Ah, excellent!  I had intended to do this myself when I had time, but
I'm very glad to hear that someone else has undertaken to do it
spontaneously.  Thank you very much.

> - There is no sound way to implement CHAR-READY? and U8-READY?. R6RS
> doesn't have this,
> and some OS interface like standard-C or many POSIX like OS cannot
> implement them simple, reliable and efficient enough.

I tried to have CHAR-READY? removed from R7RS, but the WG decided otherwise.

> - Thanks to 3rd ballot #83, we can import (rnrs) based libraries and
> (scheme base) based libraries at once.
> So I think providing (scheme base) library in R6RS is not so bad
> solution for R6RS => R7RS migration if people desired.

It's quite reasonable.  However, one must also provide a translator from
user-written R7RS libraries to R6RS ones, as the body of an R7RS library
is not, in the general case, R6RS-conforming.

> Racket cannot treat files without #!lang or #!r6rs as R6RS library. So
> I couldn't implement r7rs-bridge on Racket.

This can be handled by the translator I just mentioned.

> - CASE doesn't have => form.
> - SYNTAX-RULES cannot expand SRFI-46 letrec sample. Is there any
> difference between R7RS and SRFI-46?

There is no intentional difference.

> == Sagittarius ==

I am not familiar with this Scheme.  I will add it to my list.

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