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Re: [Scheme-reports] auxiliary syntax

On Saturday, January 12, 2013 08:32:18 PM you wrote:
> The point is to be aware that auxiliary syntax is not a silver
> bullet, and that if you're using a macro system
> which allows it there is a place for selective raw symbol
> matching (though the macro itself must be hygienic).
> If you're just using a few keywords parameters or a DSL
> which cannot be renamed or which is simply unambiguous
> and doesn't need renaming, please consider raw symbol
> matching.

I agree that there is no silver bullet, and a proper implementation should 
provide a means of doing both. However, I do think that you overstate the 
amount of trouble auxiliary macros cause. Indeed, I would be highly suspect of 
almost every use of symbol matching in macros that I have seen most commonly 
used, including record-type macros. You would have to show me that scope has 
zero effect and that the identifiers are in themselves meaningless outside of 
their symbolic interpretation within the macro to convince me that this would 
make sense. I do not think this is true of any of the macros in the current 
standard. SREs *might* benefit from this, but there you create an ecosystem 
without much scope. However, what I recall from SRE and the uses that I can 
think of to use it would break if I were using symbols to match.

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