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Re: [Scheme-reports] distributed repository: README.txt doc as package requirement


  I agree with your general points about documentation, but given the
proliferation of documentation formats, I am not sure that it would be
wise to require a specific format, such as Markdown. Chicken Scheme and
Racket already have their own extensive documentation systems, and
converting their documentation to a different format would be
non-trivial. Allowing documentation in plain text or HTML to be bundled
with each package might lower the threshold of participation a bit.


John Gabriele <jmg3000@x> writes:

> Alex S. recently posted about a distributed repository and call for names.
> I'd like to suggest that, as part of whatever package format is chosen
> (I'll assume "Snow/snowball/snowfort" for the following discussion),
> that the presence of a README file (written in some format easily
> convertible to html ([Pandoc's enhanced Markdown][1] would be my
> suggestion)) be a requirement.

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