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[Scheme-reports] 5.3 Syntax Definitions

I hope WG1 will reconsider lifting the restriction that "any internal 
syntax definitions in a body must come before any internal definitions."

Sometimes I write macros that expand into both definitions and syntax 
definitions. If this restriction stands I won't be able to reliably use 
those macros in <bodies> (and nor would anyone else).

Also, there's already a context where interleaving definitions and 
syntax definitions is allowed - a module's set of commands and 
definitions. Since a module's comdef set might also be viewed as 
behaving like a 'letrec*' expression, similar to a <body> (the spec is 
vague on this), the only difference between comdef sets and <bodies> is 
where expressions may appear. Or at least it could be that way if this 
restriction were lifted.


Jonathan Kraut

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