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Re: [Scheme-reports] Can records be written and read?

Andre van Tonder scripsit:

> It is not clear to me whether they can from the report.

The report doesn't specify any way of doing it.  Of course
implementations can add one.

I thought about the issue a lot before the WG started, especially
reading.  I didn't want to propose CL's #s notation, because that works
only if all slots are public.  (Java serialization format allows private
slots to be set in ways that can break object invariants, which is a Bad

Something like SRFI 10 suffers from phasing issues, because
define-reader-ctor would have to be executed in a phase preceding the
reading of the source code.  I was bound and determined (and the WG has
so far agreed with me) not to introduce phasing issues into WG1 Scheme.

After kicking the idea around a lot, I gave up.  Nobody else filed a
proposal either.

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