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Re: [Scheme-reports] ratification vote for R7RS-small


Full name: Andrew Robbins

Location: Silver Spring, MD, USA

Affiliation: Thorn Technologies, LLC

Contact details: and_j_rob@x

Statement of interest:

I started learning Scheme around 2000, and I've been trying to grok call/cc ever since. I am an ameture mathematician, and so I'm interested in numerical algorithms, an area in which Scheme excels. I am also a professional software developer, and I have noticed that the more Scheme I write, the better my _javascript_ becomes.

Droscheme is a side-project I've been working on for about a year now. It aims to be a R5RS/R7RS interpreter written in Go (golang.org). The source code for the interpreter is available at github.com/andydude/droscheme, and the compiler (in development) is available in a separate branch. I plan to continue working on improving this implementation.

Overall, I'm interested in Scheme for it's syntactic beauty, semantic simplicity, and the way that it forces you to understand concepts as opposed to patterns.  What strikes me as unique about the Scheme community is the deep thought that goes into every decision, and I would like to contribute to that as much as possible.

Vote: Yes.

Rationale: It has bytevectors! R7RS get-output-string is a big improvement over R6RS open-bytevector-output-port. I also believe that any claims of compatibility issues can only be made between R7RS-small and R5RS, and I am satisfied that the differences between the two are in the direction of progress. Any compatibility issues with R6RS will have to wait until R7RS-large. Even though the div-mod functions were sadly pushed to R7RS-large, I feel that R7RS-small is a big improvement overall.

This ballot is a variant of the registration and ballot forms
used for the R6RS ratification process and for the Steering
Committee election. Both registration and voting are combined
into a single form. Note that the entire contents of the ballot
will be published.


Andrew Robbins
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