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[Scheme-reports] A couple more typos or ambiguities

Hi Alex,

A couple of possible typographical oversights that I don't think I've seen go past yet:

(1) letrec* is not mentioned in the _expression_ keyword production on page 49.

(2) Pages 6 and 49 both say that the vertical bar is reserved for future language extensions, but it's already being used (in comments and as an identifier delimiter). Am I misunderstanding the context in which it's reserved, or is that a remnant from older reports?

(3) Page 6 refers to the <interlexeme space> rule (when talking about #;). That is the R6RS term for what is <intertoken space> in this draft.

(4) The grammar in 7.1.1 allows || as an <identifier>. However, page 5 suggests the "|...|" form is only for convenience (e.g. |foo bar| is equivalent to foo\x20bar). There's no way to normalise || to anything without the vertical bars that's a valid identifier. Was that intentional, or should the rule be

<vertical bar> <symbol element>+ <vertical bar>

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