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Re: [Scheme-reports] ANN: first draft of R7RS small language available

On Sun, 24 Apr 2011 15:34:23 -0400, Andre van Tonder <andre@x>  

> The latter behaviour may be compatible with the document in systems in  
> which all identifiers are considered implicitly bound at toplevel, so  
> the DEFINE would be like a SET!

Even in systems where this is the case, and Chez in particular, this does  
not do this. Specifically, the first DEFINE replaces the definition, and  
all other subsequent definitions work like an assignment. The initial  
environment bindings are all considered immutable to improve speed and  
allow the compiler to do a little more at the top-level when optimizing.

Thus, you do not end up seeing the latter behavior in Chez, despite its  
treatment of unbound identifiers in the REPL top-level.

	Aaron W. Hsu

Programming is just another word for the lost art of thinking.

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