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Re: [Scheme-reports] current-posix-second is a disastrous mistake

Right, but the claim (as I understood it) was that keeping track of leap seconds correctly was pointless, because no CPU clock is accurate to within seconds over decades; that claim is incorrect.

Moreover, there are systems which are more accurate than that, and more accurate than NTP, and more accurate than commodity clock hardware in CPUs. The standard should not assume that the hardware is worse.


On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 8:29 PM, John Cowan <cowan@x> wrote:
Thomas Bushnell, BSG scripsit:

> This is still a great misunderstanding. Many computers have perfectly good
> accuracy on that level without any trouble, because they use things like NTP
> to keep themselves in sync.

NTP on the open Internet can keep you accurate to maybe 5-10 ms, no better.

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