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Re: [Scheme-reports] library syntax: "visiting" a library left undefined?

Daniel Villeneuve scripsit:

> I recall the notion of "visiting" libraries from R6RS (phases) , but
> I did not find any other occurrence of this term in the current draft
> (aside from the above use).
> Is the meaning obvious, or should the term be defined, or should
> the intent just be spelled out explicitly in that paragraph?

To remove the technical term, I have rewritten the sentence as follows:

  Similarly, during the expansion of a library {\cf foo}, if a syntax
  keyword imported from another library {\cf (bar)} is needed to expand
  the library, then the syntax definition of the keyword must be imported
  from {\cf (bar)} before the expansion of {\cf (foo)}.

I hope this is the truth, since this is not a part of the spec I
understand very well.

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