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Re: [Scheme-reports] Appeal for review help with R7RS draft 4

Arthur A. Gleckler scripsit:

> I've just finished a detailed review of all the changes since 31 Aug, when I
> last did a review, and compared all the changes against the ratified ballot
> items.  I've committed some small fixes and improvements.

Thanks.  I'm about to merge those with the detailed comments Denis Washington
has sent me on chapters 1-4 (more are promised), which I also appreciate

> One thing I realized was missing, but don't know how to fix, is hyperlinks
> on index entries.  In the rest of the document, citations are hyperlinks,
> which is super convenient.  However, the index doesn't have them.  Does
> anyone know how to add them?

No clue, alas.

> I tried to review the list of remaining tickets, but many of them that seem
> to be finished are in status "writing."  Do we have a master list somewhere
> that's up to date?

Unwritten tickets are in status "decided".  You can use report 9, unfold
the "Filters" spinner, make sure only "decided" is checked, and then
hit "Update".  That will show the remaining editorial tickets.

> It looks like ballot item/ticket #244<http://trac.sacrideo.us/wg/ticket/244>,
> 'Extended "Overview of Scheme" chapter', is the one ballot item remaining to
> be done.  Should we just copy section 1 from
> R6RS<http://www.r6rs.org/final/html/r6rs/r6rs-Z-H-4.html>and edit it
> to bring it up to date, or should we extract the core of it but
> leave a lot out, or should we write something from scratch?

I consider #244 editorial, so not essential for this draft.  I also
said I wasn't gonna be the one to do it.  So if you feel ambitious,
pick whatever you like.  My experience, though, is that grafting R6RS is
more trouble than it's worth, because you end up overlooking things that
should be changed, and it's too jargon-y ("number objects" vs. "numbers",
e.g.) for the R5RS/R7RS context.

> The document is really shaping up!


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