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Re: [Scheme-reports] WG1 Scheme as a language for CS1

Jeronimo Pellegrini scripsit:

> The only missing feature from WG1 for me was TCP/IP (cannot even
> be built on top of anything else) and threads (can be done with
> continuations, but there's no standard WG1 API to mimic, and I can't
> do multicore).

WG2 will not have a full sockets implementation, but will provide some
kind of TCP and UDP APIs.

If you'd like to see threads in WG1, it would be nice to provide us with
some kind of rock-bottom-minimum API; SRFI 18 is huge, and it's far from
clear to me that mutexes and condition variables are even the right
abstraction (some kind of CSP would appeal to me much more, but that's
just me).

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