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[Scheme-reports] Minor things in draft six of small-language report seven

A handful of quite minor things I just failed to not notice.

5.1 Programs (p. 23 right, last para)
I'm not sure what "must not be not empty" means. It's in contrast with
the requirement of the top-level being empty except for (import ...).
Perhaps "need not be empty"? Or just strike it.

5.2.1 Top level definitions (p. 24 bottom left)
"Top-level definitions in such an implementation are truly equivalent
to assignments" -- except after a syntax definition of the same
identifier, as explained just above... 

5.5.1 Library syntax (p. 26)
several instances of <filename_1>, <filename_2>, <identifier_1>,
<identifier_2> are in the wrong font (maths instead of text).

(p. 34 right)
the umpteen division procedures are labelled as "procedure" indicating
at a quick glance that they would be in (scheme base) but they aren't,
they are in the division library. (The text tells the truth on second
glance.) (The label would fit better if it was just "division
procedure" instead of "division library procedure".)

(p. 36 top left)
the hyphenation ar-ccosine may not be optimal.

(p. 36 mid left)
In description of (expt z_1 z_2) an occurrence of z1 should be z_1.

(p. 36 top right)
In an occurrence of e^{ix_4} the exponent is in text size why? It
looks funny.

Index (p. 78 lo right, 79 mid right)
The index entries for #!fold-case and #!no-fold-case show the internal
syntax of the indexing program, fold-case@#!fold-case and so on.

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