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Re: [Scheme-reports] Multiple values in BEGIN

Ian Price scripsit:

> I think this is unfortunate, as returning multiple values behaves
> consistently across all the Schemes that I tried (it returned 'yes for
> Chicken, Racket, Ypsilon, Mosh, Ikarus, Stklos, MIT/GNU Scheme, Guile,
> Chibi and Scheme48), but the report leaves it unportable.

I also tested Gauche, Gambit, Bigloo, scsh, Kawa, SISC, Chez, SCM,
Larceny, IronScheme, and SSCM.  Kawa printed a warning that "void-valued
condition is always true", referring to the use of "and"; when I tested
the simpler case (begin (values 'yes 'yes) 'yes), it worked.  SCM and
SSCM both reported outright errors.  (Scheme 9 doesn't do multiple

> "The continuations of all non-final expressions within a sequence of
> expressions, such as in lambda, begin, let, let*, letrec, letrec*,
> let-values, let*-values, case, and cond forms, usually take an
> arbitrary number of values."

Ticket filed.

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