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[Scheme-reports] R7RS small language third draft available

The third R7RS WG1 draft (after a mostly editorial second
draft) has been published at:


We'd like to thank everyone who provided bug reports and
suggestions on the public discussion list.  The draft has been
improved greatly, and many changes towards better R6RS
compatibility introduced.

The list of the major language changes since R5RS are included
in the notes section.  A list of differences between R6RS and
R7RS will be published shortly.

Most notable since the second draft was the change to disjoint
binary and character ports and the dropping of property lists
for file specifications in favor of two new procedures,
open-binary-in/output-file.  The plists (or some alternative)
may make a reappearance in the WG2 language, but we chose to
keep the small language simple.

The auxiliary keywords `else', `unquote', `unquote-splicing'
and `=>' are now also required to be bound for optimal
compatibility, and `lazy' from SRFI-45 has been adopted.

A (terse) list of all changes since the second draft is
available at


We appreciate the continued input of early readers, and hope
to produce a final draft that will easily meet its
ratification requirements.  The final draft is scheduled for
September 9th, but at the current pace is likely to be delayed


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