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Re: [Scheme-reports] a call for peace

On 05/26/11 12:53, Alex Shinn wrote:
> This
> is not a contest, and ultimately no one will remember or care
> who "wins" or "loses" a debate on the list.

True fact!

I would also encourage everyone to remember that we are all here to MAKE
SCHEME GREAT. R6RS was an attempt to do so, that had "mixed results" to
say the least; the best we can do is to learn what went wrong and have
another go.

There's no need to fight; if somebody says something that's *wrong*,
just point out their mistake with a justification that educates them out
of their misconception. They're probably not saying things you disagree
with due to stupidity or evil; they're probably just not aware of a case
that matters to you.

It's easy to get all hateful when somebody is WRONG on the INTERNET...
It would be lovely if we could all meet up in one place around a
whiteboard and hash out our differences in person; I think we'd clear
the bad feelings!


Alaric Snell-Pym

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