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[Scheme-reports] <transformer spec> BNF

Section 4.3.2 (Pattern language) of R7RS draft 6 explains that "The
<pattern> in a <syntax rule> is a list <pattern> whose first element is
an identifier."
Since there is no "should" or "must" used, what kind of restriction is
this? The BNF in section 7.1.5 (Transformers) doesn't seem to include
any such limitation. (It probably should, by using a different token in
place of the initial <pattern>.)

By the way, I find the wording in the above quote from section 4.3.2
confusing, since it is not clear at first what "a list <pattern>" is
supposed to mean. Does anyone agree? (Using a different syntactic
variable for the initial <pattern>, corresponding to the change in the
BNF, would probably fix this issue.)

On an unrelated but very minor issue (it probably doesn't deserve its own
mail), the word "template" on paragraph 3 of the "Syntax" section of
section 4.3.2 (Pattern language) should be wrapped in angle brackets.


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