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Re: [Scheme-reports] Draft 3 Comments: Chapter 1

Denis Washington scripsit:

> IIRC it was said in the WG1 newsgroup that the notion of "optional"
> in the report was going to be precised to mean "mandatory except if
> the implementation is constrained by its environment" (e.g., missing
> floating-point on some embedded systems). However, I do not find such
> language in this section. Was the idea dismissed after all? Or simply
> forgotten?

Well, I pointed out that the "environment" may be the implementor's
intentions.  For example, Chibi doesn't support complex numbers or exact
non-integers, but the constraint is basically that it's meant to be a
very small Scheme.

> The new paragraph on an error being signalled as if by "raise" is    
> placed somewhat unfortunate position, as the next paragraph starting 
> with "For example" is logically connected with its original previous 
> paragraph.                                                           

I've rearranged the text for the next draft.

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