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Re: [Scheme-reports] REPL

On 11/15/2012 08:00 AM, John Cowan wrote:
> Per Bothner scripsit:
>> * Kawa has a define-variable form which is used to explicitly mark
>> dynamic variables.  I.e. these force dynamic run-time lookup, without
>> inlining.  This is also a convenient way to turn off compile-time
>> undefined-variable warnings/errors, for compilers that offer that.
> It isn't clear to me whether define-variable implies dynamic binding, like
> CL defvar (to which it is compared), or mere mutability in all contexts.

define-variable implies dynamic binding, but not pervasively.
E.g. a regular let with the same name introduces a new non-dynamic
variable in let's scope.  To re-bind dynamically you use fluid-let.
	--Per Bothner
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