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Re: [Scheme-reports] List of named characters is incomplete

Marc Feeley scripsit:

> Section 6.6 mentions that #\iota is the Unicode iota character.
> Yet section 7.1.1 (Lexical structure) does not list this as a valid
> character name.  Do I understand correctly that an implementation may
> extend in an implementation dependent way the set of named characters
> given in section 7.1.1.


> If that is the case, then Section 6.6 should not say that #\iota is
> the Unicode iota character, since this is an implementation dependent
> extension.

I have changed "if supported" to "if both character and name are
supported".  I have also said explicitly that implementations may support
additional names.  Hopefully no implementation would use the name #\iota
for anything else.

Alex Shinn scripsit:

> Iota can't be an official Unicode name since it is ambiguous between
> upper and lowercase.  The intention was that implementations could
> add whatever names they liked (including non- Unicode characters).
> We could consider recommending the official unicode names using a
> consistent syntax such as all lowercase replacing spaces with hyphens:
>   #\latin-small-letter-iota
> but this would still be optional.

Ballot ticket #443 filed to recommend either Unicode character names,
W3C entity names, or both.  The latter are case sensitive, so iota is
lower case, Iota is upper case.  There are only (!) 2237 names in the
W3C list, versus more than 24,000 Unicode names excluding systematically
named ideographs.

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